Thursday, October 04, 2007

Homework due Wednesday, 10/10

1. Review your work and the textbook for all of Chapter 8. Also review your blue sheet notes. You will have a chapter exam on Monday, October 15.

2. Fix/Redo Maps on the Spanish-speaking world. Study them. On the October 15 exam, there will be questions about the maps (only to find major countries and to recognize names of countries as Spanish-speaking, or not Spanish-speaking).

3. In your home textbook, highlight your part in La historia de Esteban, pp. 276-277. Practice it SEVERAL TIMES using your BEST pronunciation. Rehearsals for the video will be on Wednesday; we will film it on Thursday.


Narradora de la introducción: Sophie
Narradora de las otras partes: Danielle (title and all the headlines)
Madrasta: Lili
Esteban: Chris
Televisión: Brian
Hermanastro y Hermanastro (say both parts): Victoria y Hannah
Madrina: Gussie
Director y Líneas Originales para la conclusión: Efrain*

*Efrain: Come up with some sort of better ending for this, some sort of commentary in Spanish. Email me your ideas, and then I'll email you back with corrections and ideas ( Also, you'll be the director of the piece, calling each student forward to do his/her part while I'm filming it. You can also correct pronunciation during the rehearsals. I'm counting on you.

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