Tuesday, November 17, 2009

HW dueThu., 11/19

Make a "Reflexive Pronoun Paragraph." If you have been absent, do the best you can by studying p. 238 and reviewing your homework. Here are the minimum things you should try to do to show off what you can do. Type it, and if you can't add the accent marks and special symbols with the computer, be sure to add them by hand.

Minimum requirements (you can do more:

Write a paragraph that is true or fictional about your day in the present tense (I get myself up and then I stretch myself. My parents dress themselves. They have to put on makeup...and so on).
7 sentences or more
At least 3 different conjugations (shouldn't all be yo/me)
Show three different verb conjugations:
One verb with the one option
Two verbs with two different options

For example:
...for the verb options...
Me lavo los dientes.
Tengo que vestirme. Mis padres tienen que ponerse los piyamas.

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