Monday, November 01, 2010

HW due 
el miercoles, el 3 de noviembre de 2010

Read and look over GEOCULTURA, PP. 190-193.

1. Find Mexico in your atlas. What continent is it in? Be careful -- it's tricky:
2. Skim the pages and look at the map and pictures. Then answer these questions.
3. Name one dance. Do you know the English name for it? If so, write it down.
4. What are two "ruinas" (architectural ruins of Native American civilizations)?
5. What are some native foods to the Americas brought to Europe by explorers (name 7)?
6. Who is a famous Mexican artist? What is the name of something he painted?
8. Two other artists are mentioned on these pages. Can you find them?
9. What's the capital of Mexico?
10. What are several typical Mexican dishes, and which one do you prefer? Why?
11. If you were going on a nature tour of Mexico, which natural wonder would you like to explore? Make a case for which one is your top destination.
12. Why do you think "Popocatepetl" means "smoking prince" in Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs?

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