Thursday, January 27, 2011

HW due Wed., 2/2, and Thu., 2/3

You can take down your posters from the bulletin board, leaving behind a piece of construction paper on the board with your name on it, reserving your spot on the board for your particular poster.

Due on Wed., 2/2:

*Do all exercises using reflexive and object pronouns with commands (affirmative and negative) on pages 254-255 in textbook, ex. 34, 35, and 36.

Do Part II of your Criatura Project.

Here are the directions:

___ Next to your creature, you need a chart giving it some advice.
       Tell your creature how to feel or look better.
For example, say:
“Para cuidarte major, “Criatura _______________,  debes dejar de fumar. Tambien debes….”  Or use commands: “No fumes. Ponte zapatos atlĂ©ticos y corre mucho.”
___ You must use “deber (conjugated) and an infinitive at least five times.
___ Use the affirmative command form at least five times.
___ Use a negative command form at least five times.
___ Use a command form with reflexive pronouns at least five times.
___ Turn this part of the poster in on time!

Due on Thursday, 2/3:

Do the Ch. 7 Repaso at the end of the chapter. Do all exercises except the one having to do with Argentinian culture and the listening exercise.

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